Salt Lick Block

Salt Lick Block

We have started manufacturing a new product, the compressed salt lick block, targeting the livestock sector both domestically and internationally. Our feedstock grade compressed salt block is being used by several animal feed suppliers all over the world. It is made of 100% natural pink salt without any additives or derivatives.

Taking into account the numerous health benefits of the Himalayan Pink Salt and the 84 minerals & trace elements in it, we are the first Pakistani company to bring you the exclusive Salt lick block that is available in different weights according to the requirements. As we all know animals have a natural affinity to eating salt. The Himalayan Salt licks are a convenient and ideal source of bioenergetics for all animals and livestock like horses, cows, buffalo, sheep goats etc. as they provide them with not only their regular salt requirements but also those trace minerals.

Our compressed salt cattle lick is made of a fine powder of pink Himalayan salt. This version of salt lick was developed to create a block with the uniform composition of minerals and nutrients. The structure of the Himalayan pink salt mines is such that the salt varies in its composition of minerals. The salt at the highest point of the mine is very light/almost white which means that the mineral content is very low. On the other hand, the salt at ground level is dark pink/almost red and thus its mineral content is the highest. Naturally, the rocks then vary in their mineral content based on the extraction point which means that if the animals are fed natural salt rocks, the mineral consumption amongst the animals would vary and could not be controlled. The process of compression of the fine pink salt powder ensures even distribution of minerals throughout the salt block.

The salt block was strategically designed to have curved edges and smooth surface to make it more appealing when it comes to licking as it reacts perfectly with the rough texture of the animal’s tongue and it can freely lick the block without any fear of bruise. The natural on the other hand is rough itself so it doesn't feel smooth and usually falls off as crumbs from the stone. The animals can enjoy licking the block as the veneer and taste is same from every angle. The block also comes with a hole which helps the block to stay put. It can be placed on a baton or pole to hold it in place which ensures that the position of the block is not disturbed even when licked by several animals at one time.

Our R&D team worked very hard to develop the block and ensure that the process produces best quality salt blocks in a cost effective and efficient manner. This was very important as a production of the natural salt lick requires a lot of manual labor which made the process very slow. Taking into consideration the increasing market for pink salt licks, the slow production was not feasible as it was very time consuming and expensive to meet demand. Our compressed salt licks are a fast production item which means we can fulfill all our customer’s orders in minimum time and at much lower cost to ensure satisfaction.