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Research & Development

The R&D department’s initial purpose was to improve the salt quality and fulfill customer requirements only, but now their scope has enhanced. We are now developing new processes and have already designed and pioneered many projects in the salt technology field. Their recent achievements include ‘total eradication of Bromine from salt’ and ‘achieving zero liquid discharge (ZLD)’.

Some of the current and future projects on hand are:

  • Effects of impurities on the CSD of salt.
  • A new method of finding out the percentage purity of salt in the presence of high concentration of SO-24
  • Pollution of the sea and its effect on the purity levels of salt.
  • Direct manufacturing of colored salt using the transition metal.
  • Dual Collection of Bromine and Potassium from the BPS stream as Potassium Bromine (KBr).
Research & Development
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