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This luxurious and delectable salt has beautifully formed crystals which range in color from off-white to a lustrous pink ( the darker the color the higher the quality ). Himalayan Pink salt is a pure, hand-mined salt that is derived from ancient sea salt deposits.


We have started manufacturing a new product, the compressed salt lick block, targeting the livestock sector both domestically and internationally. Our feedstock grade compressed salt block is being used by several animal feed suppliers all over the world.


Real Himalayan salt lamps are actually solid blocks of Himalayan salt that have been hand-carved. Deep underground mines in Khewra, Pakistan, located on the western edge of the Himalayan Mountains, are the only source of true pink salt.


Add extra sizzle to your meals and enjoy the naturally delicious taste of Himalayan Salt with the Himalayan Salt Block and Salt Block Holder set. Himalayan Salt Blocks impart their flavor to food, making them great for cooking directly on your stovetop.

Welcome To the Salt of the Earth!

Salt of the Earth Salt Refinery has always maintained high standards of its products, with its name being synonymous with quality, reliability, and service. Salt of the Earth delivers you the cleanest and purest salt in the world. Through a rigorous process, our salt is washed multiple times and all impurities are removed to ensure that only the finest salt reaches your table. Salt of the Earth salt is 100% Kosher as well as backed by the FDA.

At Salt of the Earth we strive to bring you 100% pure hand-mined salt that is found deep within the Himalayan Mountains and packaged at the source. Our salt is 100% natural with no preservatives, chemicals or dyes. Salt of the Earth prides itself on the consistency of the product; what you buy today will be the same each time you buy it. Along with maintaining an environmentally friendly approach to business, it aims to become the world’s leading producer and supplier of salt.

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